Eco Arts Wild

Ecopsychology and EcoArts Therapy Practitioner. 

Heather Laurence

Using the arts to help people conect to nature for life.  Healing, recovery , fun.  Rekindling you with your inner child and helping you guide yourself using nature as a teacher to gain the answers you are searching for.  


                  Wild and Fun

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 Eco Art,  & Eco Art Therapy

A creative and fun way to express yourself and learn how to connect with nature and let the earth teach.   

You do not need to be an artist, or have any experience at art.  You don't even need to be able to hold a pencil.   

Join our workshops, clinics and individual sessions to see how EcoArt can help you.  

Using our innate 54 felt-senses, we explore art and how it teaches us to solve our 21st century "indoor life' problems.

                 Our                                Classroom

99% of our sessions are 


at a variety of venues, woodland, beach, fields or even your own back garden 

Please be aware and wear suitable clothing. 

We use, traditional art, music, performance, creative writing.Verbal and none verbal communicative arts to re-connect both with nature and ourselves.

Using a blend of science and ecospychology we work with nature and let nature teach.  We are amazing students, nature is an amazing teacher. 

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