Eco Arts Wild

Ecopsychology and EcoArts Therapy Practitioner. 

Heather Laurence

What our clients say about us:

" I can honestly say that I have never known my daughter open up like that before, she has been diagnosed for 25 years, this nature therapy stuff is fantastic"  GC


"I never thought I would have the confidence to do what I do now, WOW from housewife to logistics operator all thanks to Heather" JW


"nature was always outside, I now know it is inside too, I  am worthy of the same love, thank you!"CS



"Depression and anxiety have always controlled my life, thanks to EcoArts Wild I now have a way of redirecting my thoughts and rebalancing my mind.  BLISS!" LW


"I had always thought I felt better after a drink (or six) I now know it was a false subtitution for my lack of natural homeostasis. When Heather first began to talk about 54 senses, I had massive doubts, but something made me stick with it.  I am pleased I did! three years sober and counting."


EcoArts Wild

Heather Laurence

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